Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The US military is developing unmanned attack RC helicopters.  These drones are capable of packing a huge punch.  This device was constructed by civilians with limited resources over 5 years ago.

Combine this with modernized military targeting and AI systems and you will have yourself an attack drone.  Imagine fitting the device with a grenade pouch and a silent engine. 

The grenades could be dropped from the pouch one at a time down on to the unsuspecting enemy.  Look at this civilian version dropping paintballs.

The next prototype would include a machine gun specially made and mounted onto an RC plane or helicopter. 

The airfleet of the future will likely include a brigade of powerful airships like the B-52.  These ships would include hangers that could house hundreds of self guiding mini drones.  The drones will be armed with anti-material weaponry such as lasers, thermite missiles, and pulse guns.  The B-52 could deploy a fleet of these drones over an enemy city and create chaos at a distance.

Do you doubt the existence of laser and pulse weaponry? Take a look at these short videos.

The possibilities are endless.  RC helicopters can also prove to be a great civilian protection device.  Imagine your own personal gaurd copter.  Or one linked to motion sensors that would simply fly up and repeat a no trespassing message to anyone who entered your yard while your on vacation or at work.   The civilian applications are just as impressive as the military applications.

RC helicopters are awesome and combined with human intelligence could be used for anything you can imagine.  Owning one is a pleasure and also has the potential to make someone rich.  The ideas above do not exist yet.  This untapped market of the future waits to be created.